WD-40 Life Hacks


1. Protect Your Bird Feeder

When your yard is equipped with a bird feeder, you can always look forward to waking up to a lovely chorus of chirping. But birds aren’t the only wild animals you’ll be attracting with that delicious seed. The minute a squirrel spies that bird feeder, he’ll be sticking around — and will likely scare the birds off your property.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


While you can probably find a dozen ways to get rid of these fancy rats, none will be as simple and affordable as WD-40. Simply spray or rub some on any metal or plastic area on the bird feeder, and the squirrel will never be able to keep a grasp on the slippery surface. It’ll keep them from the seed — and be endlessly entertaining to watch.

2. Take Off A Stuck Ring

For some, it happens during warm weather. Others face it when they’re pregnant. Their fingers begin to swell up, and any ring that they’re wearing will begin to cut off their circulation. Once fingers begin going pink, someone will usually begin yanking away at the ring in a panic.



Someone who happens to have a can of WD-40 handy in their home will be able to react in a far more relaxed manner. By simply covering their ring finger with WD-40, they’ll be able to remove the ring finger with a small tug. It’s just like performing a magic trick.

3. Remove Stickers With Ease

Like many things, stickers lose meaning with time. That bumper sticker you slapped onto your car bumper at 25 might seem really stupid by the time you’re 30. These stickers aren’t just stickers; they’re an expression of who you are as a person, and people change all the time.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


Sadly, after they’ve been stuck on a surface for some time, they usually can’t be ripped off with ease, and when they are, they leave that unflattering sticker residue behind. This can all be avoided by spraying it up with some WD-40. After that, it will likely peel off with ease and leave no traces behind.

4. Get Gum Out Of Hair

Whether someone decided to put it in your curls as some kind of sick joke, or if someone threw it out the window just as you happened to be walking by, gum in the hair can be a disaster. It can result in the most unwanted and unfortunate of haircuts.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

Shot Of The Yeagers/YouTube

Before you rush to the hair salon in tears, or bust out a jar of peanut butter, go to the nearest store and grab yourself a can of WD-40. Don’t lather your hair in the chemical. Rather, just apply a little bit to the affected strands of hair. With a little WD-40, that gum can be removed quite easily.

5. Erase Crayon and Marker

Once a kid is brought into the picture, you can expect plenty of funny and distressing surprises. Children won’t think twice before taking a marker or crayon to their bedroom wall. Hire the best cleaners you can find, but those faded residue marks from their abstract artwork will always remain.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

Sleepless In The Carolinas/YouTube

Parents don’t have to despair any longer. WD-40 can actually help wipe away their entire art installation from their wall with a few quick swipes. Its effectiveness against crayons and markers goes far beyond bedroom walls. You can use it to wipe clean floor tiles, mirrors, computer, and TV screens.

6. Fish Properly

If you’re keen on fishing, but have zero luck when it comes to making a catch, we recommend buying a little WD-40 to go with that can of worms. Many salmon fishermen are turning to WD-40 as a way to luring in their prey. If a fish smells a hint of human odor on a piece of bait, they’ll quickly flee the scene.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


WD-40 is powerful enough to eliminate any traces of human odor and practically doubles someone’s chances of catching a fish. Though it’s unclear exactly why, apparently salmon really dig the taste of the powerful chemical. With that in mind, your fishing boat isn’t complete without a can of this stuff on board.

7. Shovel That Dirt

As it turns out, WD-40 can do wonders for your shoveling game. Digging a ditch can be a hassle sometimes. You’ll find yourself going at it with ease for a while, but eventually you’ll get deep enough that you’ll reach a point where the land will suddenly begin to feel hard and unmanageable.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

L Kanavaros/YouTube

Turns out that if you spray some WD-40 on your shovel, it’ll be able to cut through the dirt with a lot more ease. It also helps out when it comes to shoveling snow. Ice and snow getting stuck to the shovel has always been an annoying part of trying to clear them up. However, if you spray your shovel down beforehand with WD-40, the snow will fall right off.

8. Fight Against Super Glue

Once the super glue is busted out, chances of finding yourself in a sticky situation are pretty high. All it takes is one second of carelessness to find your fingers stuck fast together. From that point on, you’ll be trying every trick in the book to get those fingers pulled apart without hurting yourself.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


In this scenario, one can always turn to WD-40 to get the job done. Soak up those sticky fingers, and sure enough, in just a short while, the chemical will begin working its way through the glue. Not only will your fingers be freed from the glue, but it’ll also remove all traces of stickiness.

9. Unstick That Zipper

A jammed zipper can totally end up ruining a beloved article of clothing. You’ll be using all your strength to free it and will most likely end up pulling one half of the zipper off the track. This can result in one of your favorite jackets being damaged, unable to be properly closed.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

Staten Island Advance/YouTube

Next time, don’t despair when one of your zippers gets jammed. Just spray the WD-40 solvent on the zipper and wait a couple of seconds. Once the WD-40 has worked its magic, you’ll be able to free that zipper with ease. That said, you must be very careful about not getting the WD-40 on the fabric, as it can ruin it.

10. Keep Those LEGO Blocks Apart

LEGO blocks have been bringing the fun to kids for generations, and each generation in turn has run into a very common problem with them: when two blocks become inseparable. You’ll run the blocks under hot water, you’ll smack them against a table, but try as you may, the two pieces will not come apart.


Brick Scavenger/YouTube

You don’t have to chuck the stubborn pieces in the trash, nor will you have these mutant LEGO pieces uselessly swimming in your collection for decades to come. You can just take some WD-40 to them. Once you’ve sprayed the pieces down, the two will remove themselves from their snug embrace.

11. Clean Your Grill With Ease

Some of the most fulfilling meals come straight off of your backyard grill. For many, flipping a steak with one hand and drinking with the other is pure ecstasy. That being said, cleaning your grill properly afterward can be pure Hell.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

The Home Depot/YouTube

How many people have found themselves scrubbing away at their grill for over an hour, only to yield a result that’s just slightly less dirty? Cleaning the grill doesn’t have to be so hard: toss those specialty cleaning supplies aside and opt for a can of WD-40. The chemical and wire crush will work everything away with ease. Just make double sure that the grill is turned off before applying!

12. Touch Up Leather Sofas

Leather sofas can really add a touch of elegance to your home. They’re also amazing to sink into after a long day on the job. However, once that leather sofa starts showing signs of age, it’ll morph into a very expensive eyesore in the middle of your living room.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

LeatherTech Ireland/YouTube

While you could hand out a pretty penny to some couch cleaning professionals who will make your sofa look a little more presentable, they won’t exactly be cost-efficient. Just spray down your leather sofa with WD-40, go over it with a cloth, and you’ll be amazed by the results. While it won’t exactly look brand new, it will look cleaner than it has been in years.

13. Break In a Baseball Mitt

A brand new baseball mitt can be extremely stiff and uncomfortable to use, and it’ll take more than a few games to break it in. Professional players have their own methods of breaking them in fast, usually with some Neatsfoot oil. However, WD-40 can do an equally efficient job of breaking in a baseball glove.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

Mighty Goat/YouTube

If you want a baseball glove that fits and feels just right, simply grasp a baseball in the glove, and then spray it down with WD-40. Rubber-band the glove over the ball and let it sit for a night. The next day, the leather will be softened, and the ball will leave an imprint for future balls to fall into.

14. Keep Guitar Strings Lubricated

Nothing sucks more than when you’re trying to rock out on your guitar — and then a string decides to snap. Just like that, your groove is broken, and you’re off to the local guitar center. While strings will always inevitably break, it can happen a lot less if you have some WD-40 on hand.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


If you want your instrument’s parts to last longer, they’re going to take a lot of maintenance. You can do wonders for your guitar if you just wipe down those strings with some WD-40 after every practice, show, or recording session. That will prevent some nasty corrosion and keep those strings nicely lubricated.

15. Shine Your Shoes

Nobody likes when their shoes get scuff marks and dirt stains. It’ll lead to one spending at least 10 minute scrubbing those shoes clean with some soap and a toothbrush. Shoe shining doesn’t need to take that much work, and surely doesn’t have to be done by the shoe shiners in your local train and subway stations.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


WD-40 can put your local shoe shiner out of business in a minute with how easy it makes giving those boots a polish. Just spray some on a cloth and wipe away any dirt that’s built up on your shoe. It doesn’t matter what type of shoe it is; WD-40 works.

16. Degrease Your Hands

Mechanics and car fanatics alike know the efforts put into degreasing your hands after a full day of working on cars and trucks. One round of soap and cold water won’t ever come close to doing the job of removing that grease from your hands.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


With a can of WD-40 in possession, mechanics will never have to waste time washing their hands again. Just spray a smidge on and rub your hands together. The compounds found within WD-40 will immediately start going to work on the grease and breaking it down. After a quick wash with soap and warm water, your hands should be completely free of any grease.

17. Restore Aged License Plates

Years on the road will surely do a job on your beloved license plate. A couple decade’s worth of rain and dirt can leave that classic plate quite rusty, While most will just accept the loss and get a replacement after a while, some people get quite attached to their possessions.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

Vortex Radar/YouTube

A little touch of WD-40 can make that aged relic look spanking new. When it comes to license plates, don’t hold be sparing with the amount you use. Make sure the plate is absolutely covered in WD-40. Don’t immediately begin wiping, but give it a few moments to soak in first. When you remove the WD-40, you’ll reveal what a brand new license plate looks like.

18. Clean CDs

While this piece of advice is probably coming about fifteen years too late, we’re certain that there is someone out there who has refused to go digital and is still clinging to their CD collection. Once a compact disc gets scratched badly enough, you can count on songs skipping, and in some cases, the CD being completely unplayable.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


If your favorite CD or DVD seems damaged beyond repair, you can likely reverse some of the wear by giving it a once-over with WD-40. It will repair some superficial scratches, but nothing too deep. How useful would this advice have been way back in 1999?

19. Get Bug Splatters Off Your Car Grill

If you’re cruising down a highway in a rural area, you might find a number of insects smacking into your windshield and grill. You aren’t going to dab a napkin in water and wipe these dead bugs off your car. Usually it’ll take a tough scrub with soap and water.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


To make matters all the more urgent, if the bug bodies are left on the windshield too long, the acid in their body will begin eating at your paint job. So if you don’t feel like giving your car a thorough wash after every trip on the highway, whip out a can of WD-40. Cover these ex-buggies with this magic chemical. After about five minutes, you’ll be able to wipe them away no problem.

20. Clear The Age From Silver

If you want your 45-year-old silver to shine like it’s 1975, you might have some issues before you. You aren’t going to wash the age away with mere dish soap and a sponge. You’ll have to bust out something far more powerful. The trick to making it look brand new lies in some trusty WD-40.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

Original WD40 UK/YouTube

Give your silver pieces a nice spray-down, let them sit for a little while, and then carefully wipe away those years of wear. You’ll really be able to impress all of your friends when you throw your next dinner party and they get a load of your glittering, gleaming silver.

21. Oil Up Those Scissors and Hedge Clippers

It’s downright dangerous to be working with a pair of rusty and stiff scissors or hedge clippers. Not only will you have to take on double the work by opening and closing them, but you’re putting yourself at risk of getting a nasty infection if you get cut with them.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


When scissors and clippers get to this point, most people will run out and buy a new pair. But nobody has to do that! The right amount of WD-40 can actually put some life back into your tools. Just spray down the rusted area and in no time at all they should be working smoothly as intended.

22. Scrub Away At Rusty Locks

Take one look at an old and badly-rusted lock, and it’ll give one the feeling that it’s going to take a hammer and a lot of muscle power to get past that thing. While that method would probably work, you can easily go down the more civilized route by taking a can of WD-40 to it.



You can spray down all the rusty keyhole or the locks themselves. The WD-40 should be powerful enough that it will be able to eat away at the rust and make the aged lock as good as new. Once it has soaked in the WD-40 for a few minutes, try the key and release the lock.

23. Polish Wood

Wood floors, tables, and chairs can be subjected to their fair share of wear and tear. Coffee tables will eventually garner a number of stains from cups and food, and some of them can be impossible to get out. You can go to the store and spend a ton of money on a bunch of products that’ll do a half-hearted job — or you can go for the stuff that really works.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

Ted Sokolowski/YouTube

Naturally, we’re talking about WD-40. Any of the ring stains or wear can be completely wiped out by only a few sprays of this magic solution. However, you can always just use a coaster as precaution, and treat your other wood products with more care.

24. Peel Gum Off Anything

While gum in your hair is bad enough, a piece of gum getting stuck to the seat of your pants or carpet can cost you a lot of money. When gum gets intertwined with the fabric of their carpets, most would just accept that their carpet will forever be flawed, or they’d have to call on the professionals to install new flooring.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks

Autocare Norge/YouTube

With WD-40, you’ll never have to worry about gum on any surface ever again. All you have to do is spray some of the solvent on the infected area, allow it to sit briefly, and you should be able to easily scrub and pull the gum from the area.

25. Renew Old Saws

Depending on your trade and hobbies, within a few years, the average saw can see a decent amount of action. It’s going through a lot of wood, from trees to pieces of lumber from Home Depot. It’s also often exposed to the elements. Within a decade, a saw can find itself covered in rust and deemed useless.

WD-40 Life HacksWD-40 Life Hacks


But if the owner seeks to replace the saw, depending on what kind it is, they can be quite expensive. One can save money by giving the saw a second chance, with the help of WD-40. Within a couple times lathering it with WD-40, the rust will wash away and the saw will look as good as it did in its heyday.

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